The "Brit a Day" series

What does a months-long parade of attractive British men have to do with fiction, you might well ask? These gentlemen have inspired some lovely scenes, part of the life I live in my head. Over time, some of these scenes reach out to one another and begin to form a story. For the present, each one of these pictures provides a writing prompt for me, a way to keep me writing with a sense of passion and narrative, even when the stories are not yet fully formed.

Friday, October 29, 2010

A Brit a Day [#257]

This is actually a really evocative drawing of Eddie Argos, and I like so much about it, but I don't understand the green skin and the bloody mouth. The only time I've seen Eddie with a green face was on Halloween, and the bloody mouth makes me think of "Kevin got home from school today with a chipped tooth and blood on his shirt..." Maybe all of Eddie's history has been rolled here into one image. Still, for capturing one pure moment of total strangeness, perhaps the photo below is the answer to the question 'what's the strangest thing I found when I googled Eddie Argos.' But they both have to move over for the final image [bottom]. Who the hell tags a picture of Pippi Longstockings with the name of a rock star? Must have got her confused with Neville Longbottom.

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