The "Brit a Day" series

What does a months-long parade of attractive British men have to do with fiction, you might well ask? These gentlemen have inspired some lovely scenes, part of the life I live in my head. Over time, some of these scenes reach out to one another and begin to form a story. For the present, each one of these pictures provides a writing prompt for me, a way to keep me writing with a sense of passion and narrative, even when the stories are not yet fully formed.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Brit a Day [#462]

Alex Turner is stepping aside just for today.

I finished reading Seamus Heaney's translation of 'Beowulf' last night, and while I do NOT intend to see the 2007 movie, for all kinds of reasons, I was interested to learn that Brendan Gleeson played Wiglaf. Wiglaf, in the poem, ends up in the morally superior position of being the only one of Beowulf's men who does not run away in fear from the dragon. Brendan Gleeson will always be, first in my mind, Mad-Eye Moody.

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