The "Brit a Day" series

What does a months-long parade of attractive British men have to do with fiction, you might well ask? These gentlemen have inspired some lovely scenes, part of the life I live in my head. Over time, some of these scenes reach out to one another and begin to form a story. For the present, each one of these pictures provides a writing prompt for me, a way to keep me writing with a sense of passion and narrative, even when the stories are not yet fully formed.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Brit a Day [#195]

I thought this week the posts could include some outside journalism beyond the usual pictures. Hence, our theme is "....Plus something to read." The top item featuring Alan Rickman in Classic Snape Mode would be a great kick-off to the theme, except that the text is in....I don't recognize that language. Nevertheless, this is a great example of a page layout where the placement of the text enhances the photograph rather than obscures it. That's what I'm shooting for this week.

Lovely, but I can't actually read it. So I'm adding a snip of a feature in English about brit Mike Newell below, introducing him to the HP audience as he set out to direct "Goblet of Fire." It is always a treat, as well, to see Rickman in Snape regalia breaking character with a good laugh.

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