The "Brit a Day" series

What does a months-long parade of attractive British men have to do with fiction, you might well ask? These gentlemen have inspired some lovely scenes, part of the life I live in my head. Over time, some of these scenes reach out to one another and begin to form a story. For the present, each one of these pictures provides a writing prompt for me, a way to keep me writing with a sense of passion and narrative, even when the stories are not yet fully formed.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Brit a Day [#228]

Everything I know about Henry Ian Cusick I learned from the Sistahs at Henry Ian Daily and the HIC forum. Originally many of them met online to discuss Ian's performance in 'The Gospel of John'. But I wonder how many of them had him on their radar when he appeared on the British series 'Taggart' years ealier? Historical importance of this moment: This may be the first time the television-viewing public was treated to that lovely arched eyebrow.

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a70eezchild said...

My suspicion is that hardly anyone in the States knew of him back then...he was mostly a stage actor back then.
My guess is his role as Chloe's boyfriend, Jason, in Casualty was probably his first high-profile television role.

Do love that eyebrow!